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상품명 [RC비행기] 블레이드 씨어리 W FPV (Theory W FPV) - 제품구성 선택
판매가 279,000원
적립금 2,790원 (1%)

제조사 / 원산지 BLADE / 중국
제품정보 씨어리 W 영문 매뉴얼
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[RC비행기] 블레이드 씨어리 W FPV (Theory W FPV) - 제품구성 선택   수량증가 수량감소 279000
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  • 제품구성 :

최대속도 144km/h+

본 제품은 완제품이며 윙만 조립하고 조종기, 배터리, 충전기만 있으면 바로 날릴 수 있습니다.

별도로 아래 기자재가 필요합니다.

조종기 스팩트럼 6채널 이상 DSM2 / DSMX

4셀 1300mah 혹은 3셀 1300mah

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FPV 카메라 (폭시어1177)

영상수신기장비 (구매대행)


This is the Blade Theory Type W "FPV Ready" Bind-N-Fly Basic Race Wing. The FPV Race Wing phenomenon is catching on like wildfire across the globe. Like FPV quad racing, it connects the immersive action of First-Person View with a high-performance aircraft that's easy to fly. The Blade® Theory Type W race wing delivers outstanding performance that's user friendly out of the box. The result is an FPV-ready airplane that flies incredible whether soaring with the birds for sport or scorching through race gates from 60-90 MPH.

The wings come off in a snap with a modular clip in connection, making transport a breeze and repairs even simpler. Fully integrated flight components such as digital metal gear servos, AS3X® stabilization technology and SAFE® technology give pilots rock solid stabilization at blazing speeds. The high-output brushless motor accepts 4S Li-Po batteries to suit mild or wild flying styles.

With all these features packed into such a compact airframe, there is still designated room for a Mobius or Legend style HD video camera, giving pilots the ability to record their high speed soaring. Overall, the Theory Type W was designed with performance and ease of use in mind. This product will absolutely make getting into FPV fixed wing racing or exploring an absolute breeze!

In-Depth Features:
Modular Wings: Modular and easily removable wings make transport a breeze. Just plug in the integrated servo leads from the wings and merely snap them into the push-button locking system, and you’re ready to fly!
Stable: Precision engineered wing design, combined with SAFE® and AS3X, makes this wing extremely stable at slower cruising speeds along with screaming race speeds upwards of 90 MPH. Dedicated flight modes allow smooth, hand launch take offs, 90 degree bank angle limits, and an agility mode that gives you full control with the stable precision of AS3X.
AR636 Receiver: This powerful receiver offers incredible flight characteristics for an unmatched flying experience.
4S Power: Capable of carrying a 4s, 1300mAh LiPo, this wing offers screaming speeds with respectable flight times to match. The Thrust 2350Kv motor offers competitive power for a wing in this class, with the option to upgrade to a 2650Kv Thrust Series motor for those seeking that extra speed.
HD Ready: Dedicated mount is designed to host a Mobius or Legend style camera so pilots can play back their races and high flying expeditions in crystal clear HD video!
FPV Ready: The FPV ready version has dedicated spaces for a pilot to add his own video transmitter and camera.
Personalize It: 3 vivid decal sheets come in the box, so pilots can customize their trim scheme and make this wing stand out so everyone can see who's at the head of the pack!

- SAFE Technology with Optional Flight Envelope Protection
- Advanced AS3X Technology Delivers Rock-Solid Flight handling
- Spektrum™ AR636 6-Channel AS3X® Sport Receiver
- Brushless Power System Capable of Producing 90+ MPH Flight Speeds
- Removable Wings for Easy Transportation
- Tool-less Motor Mount
- Durable Z-Foam™ Material with Carbon-Fiber Reinforcement
- Digital High-Speed Spektrum Mini Metal-Gear Servos

Wingspan: 760mm
Overall Length: 360mm
Flying Weight: 480g
Servos: 9g MG
Flaps: N
Retracts: N
Approx. Flying Duration: 5 Minutes
Approx. Flying Speed: Fast or Slow
Experience Level: Advanced
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour
Is Assembly Required: No
Needed To Complete:
6-Channel Spektrum DSM2/DSMX Compatible Transmitter
4S 1300mAh or 3S 1300mAh LiPo Battery
Compatible battery charger
5.8GHz FPV Headset or Monitor
FPV Camera
Video Transmitter
Video Antenna

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