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상품명 [RC헬기] 블레이드 Trio 360CFX - 제품구성 선택
판매가 659,000원
제품가 679,000원
적립금 6,590원 (1%)
제조사 / 원산지 BLADE / 중국
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제품정보 360CFX 매뉴얼 EN | 관련상품 이동

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The Blade® Trio 360 CFX helicopter is the three-blade crowned cousin of the popular 360 CFX powerhouse. Optimised servo geometry and lightweight design allows the high-voltage power system to provide exceptional performance with precision control. With an oversized hardened main shaft, metal gear servos, helical main gear and the durable belt driven tail design, there is nothing stopping hard-core heli pilots from inventing the next generation of manoeuvers. Complexity and parts count are low, making maintenance simple. All-metal mechanics with rigid dampening and the included carbon fibre blades enhance precision. Combined with the expertly tuned Spektrum™ AR7210BX receiver, the result is a 3-blade helicopter with a significant increase in response and collective authority. For an out-of-the-box 3D experience that’s unmatched, the Trio 360 CFX answers the call.


Completion Level: BNF Basic

Main Rotor Head Type: Collective Pitch (CCPM) Flybarless

Swashplate Type: 120 deg

Main Rotor Diameter: 790mm

Main Rotor Blade Length (Included): 360mm

Main Blade Material: Carbon

Main Rotor Blade Length (Range):  350-360mm

Tail Rotor Diameter: 175mm

Tail Rotor Blade Length (Included): 65mm

Tail Blade Material: Plastic

Main Motor Type: Brushless Out-Runner, 1800Kv

Battery: EFLB13006S30

Tail Drive: Belt Drive

Length: 670mm

Height: 215mm

Width: 110mm

Main Frame Material: Carbon

Canopy/Body Material: Plastic

Flying Weight (Required)*: 875g (30oz)

Approximate Flight Time: 4min

Number of Channels: 6

Experience Level: Advanced

Recommended Environment: Outdoor


Fully assembled

3-Blade Head provides greater collective authority and response

Optimised geometry servo for greater accuracy and efficiency

Lightweight and rigid construction with CNC aluminium and carbon fibre parts

Reliable Castle Creations Talon 35 high voltage ESC

Durable, digital high-speed metal gear servos

Spektrum™ AR7210BX flybarless controller with BEASTX™ technology

Powerful 6S LiPo motor drive with silent helical gears

Oversized, hardened main shaft with triple ball-bearing support

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