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상품명 BLADE 700X Pro - 조종기 미포함
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상품 이피파워 22.2V 5000mah 55C 드론배터리
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Product Description

Key Features

  • Integrated bearing block servo mount design with optimized geometry
  • Direct-to-swash, flybarless head design
  • 2mm carbon fiber main frames
  • CNC machined aluminum head block
  • CNC machined aluminum swashplate
  • Dual ball bearing supported, 12mm hollow steel main shaft
  • Motor mount with integrated pinion support
  • Configurable, quick change battery tray
  • Torque-tube driven tail with aluminum tail boom and case
  • Dual point tail pitch slider and balanced tail grips
  • Captured servo ball link arms
  • Two flybarless unit mounting locations (forward and aft)

Needed To Complete

- 6+ Channel Transmitter
- Receiver
- Servos
- Speed Control
- Battery
- Charger
- Building Tools

Video Overview



The Blade® 700 X is the flagship of the Pro Series line. It has been engineered to not only dominate the 700-class, but redefine its standards for performance. 

The centerpiece of the 700 X design is its unique servo mounting geometry that virtually eliminates any mechanical inefficiency between the cyclic servos and swashplate. 

The result is flawless cyclic and collective response that feels almost telekinetic.

With its optimized cyclic servo geometry, quick change battery tray, helical main gear and its lightweight low parts count design, the 700 X is surely a helicopter that will turn heads at the field.


Type:700-class collective-pitch electric flybarless helicopter
Swashplate Type:120-degree CCPM
Main Rotor Diameter:64.4 in (1635mm)
Main Rotor Blade Length:690mm
Main Blade Material:Carbon fiber
Tail Rotor Diameter:12.0 in (306mm)
Tail Rotor Blade Length:115mm
Tail Blade Material:Carbon fiber
Main Motor Size:480-560Kv brushless outrunner, 4x30mm bolt pattern
Battery:(2) 22.2V 6S 4400-5000mAh Li-Po
Speed Control:100-160A HV brushless ESC
Pinion Size:13 tooth
Main Gear Ratio:10.1:1
Tail Drive:Shaft
Length:53.1 in (1350mm)
Width:5.63 in (143mm)
Height:15.6 in (395mm)
Flying Weight:11.0-11.6 lb (5.0-5.8 kg)
Approximate Flight Time:4 minutes
Number of Channels:6 channels
Is Assembly Required:Yes
Rotor Type:Collective Pitch Single Rotor
Experience Level:Professional
Completion Level:Kit
Recommended Environment:Outdoor








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