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| 얼라인 티렉스 450L Dominator RC헬기 베이직 콤보 (6S) 품절

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상품명 얼라인 티렉스 450L Dominator RC헬기 베이직 콤보 (6S)
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AlignRC T-Rex450L DOMINATOR Basic Combo!

- 450 클래스 절대 강자 -

전세계 최다 판매고를 기록한 World Best Seller T-Rex450 Series의 New Evolution! 16세대 모델!

항상 혁신 디자인으로 Mini Class 전동헬기 시장을 Leading해 온 ALIGN에서 드디어 16세대 T-Rex 450L Dominator Super Combo를 선보입니다!

Basic Combo는 모터 및 메인로터, 테일로터가 포함된 패키지로서 자이로 및 서보, 변속기는 별도 구매입니다.


<Demo 동영상>

Special Thanks to Colin Bell!

The internationally popular T-Rex 450 has long been a trend setting helicopter, every enthusiasts probably has owned at least one.

It is the ideal model for beginners as well as experts practicing advanced maneuvers. Now the T-Rex 450 evolution continues, as Align drops another shocker into the market; with even more innovative designed incorporated, the brand new T-Rex 450L Dominator.

T-Rex 450L reverses the common impression people have on T-Rex 450, with material integration technology utilized on side frame design, and has features previously found only on larger models, such as battery mounting rails, top mounted motor, 700E DFC type main bearing block with integrated servo mounts, forming striking resemblances to larger contest grade models.

The newly added frame reinforcement plates not only improves helicopter’s overall rigidity and anti-torsion characteristics, the beautiful red anodizing also creates highly pleasing aesthetics, further exhibits the T-Rex 450L’s attractiveness and exclusiveness.

In addition, the T-Rex 450L cleverly expands on the core concepts of T-Rex 450 Pro designs, to carry on the heritage of its mature design of excellence.

Equipped with the DFC flybarless head assembly, paired with newly designed 3D specific 360 3G main rotor blades that are both stable and agile, improving anti-torsion characteristics and power output during flight, resulting in even better flight stability.

Based on 6s voltage, the 460MX (1800KV) motor is tailor made for the T-Rex 450L DOMINATOR.

When paired with RCE-BL45X brushless speed controller, the motor has superior efficiency, high power output, extreme torque, and low current, low temperature.

As a totem to the 850MX Dominator motor, The 460MX shares the same extraordinary pedigree. Brand new DS430M servos controls the swashplate, with feature such as improved torque and speed, along with double bearing support, resulting in minimal deadband and better longevity.

With cutting edge design concepts and top grade electronics, T-Rex 450L Dominator surpasses traditional flight performances with higher stability, extreme power, superior control feel, yet maintains the convenience of smaller size.

The T-Rex 450L Dominator is a model not to be missed!

Dominator Test Flight - III


<Focus Shots>

450L Dominator Basic Combo 에는 6S 전용 모터와 메인로터/테일로터만 포함되어 있으며, 나머지 기가재는 별도 입니다.

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